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Enter mathematical expressions below. For example, try this one: (help)

Click the buttons to render the expression in various plaintext formats

Cheat sheet:

Type... create
exp or ^ Exponent
sub or _ Subscript
frac or / Big fraction
shift-/ Division
abs Absolute value
sqrt Square root
pi pi
sin/cos/tan Sine/cosine/tangent
log or ln Natural logarithm
diff or deriv Derivative
int Indefinite integral
defi Definite integral
smi/smd Small indef/def integral
sum Summation
vec Vector
mat Matrix

Press... do
left/right arrows Move cursor
shift+left/right arrows Select region
ctrl+a Select all
ctrl+x/c/v Cut/copy/paste
ctrl+z/y Undo/redo
ctrl+left/right Add entry to list/column to matrix to the left/right of cursor (use shift to make it a copy of the current column)
ctrl+up/down Add row to matrix above/below cursor (use shift to make it a copy of the current row)
ctrl+backspace Delete current entry in list or column in matrix
ctrl+shift+backspace Delete current row in matrix